Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Post

Hello everyone!
I would like to use this first post to tell you a little bit about myself and my thoughts about creating my first blog.
My name is Sergio Lopez, but most people know me as Serge. I was born in Mexico City, where I spent most of my childhood. In my early teen years I moved to the United States and relocated in Salem, Oregon. I worked and went to school there before moving to nearby Portland for my college studies. I got my bachelor's degree in General Science and moved to Norman, Oklahoma, seeking a degree in Nursing. Unfortunately, everyone and their dog wanted to become nurses at the time, and couldn't get into Nursing School, so I started looking for alternatives.
Before moving to Norman, I had worked as a bilingual clerk for the Multnomah County Library System in Portland, and I loved my job. That was probably the first job I truly enjoyed (my past work experience would read like a "dirty jobs" anthology script). Therefore, I decided that, instead of getting a second bachelors in nursing, I would get my masters in Library Science. After all, academically, it was the logical thing to do, moving on from a bachelor's to a master's.
Currently I study full time and work full time as an administration assistant (formal term for "office lackey") at the reimbursement department at a mental health facility here in Norman.
Whenever I am not working or doing school assignments, I ride my bicycle (both out of joy and necessity), I play chess every once in a while, read and listen to music, I collect vinyl (mainly classical, blues and jazz), and, apparently, I also blog.
Creating my first blog was, for the most part, easy. The difficulties came when I had to load the avatar into my page. It simply could not be done. It is not a problem, though. Personally, I don't like the look that that yahoo avatar gives me. Makes me look like an overgrown, weirdly shaped baby.
So, here is my first post. In upcoming posts, I will blog about my experiences following the 23-things-on-a-stick, out of which this is part 1.
'Til next time, dudes!

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