Friday, October 9, 2009

Thing 15: Online games-Second Life

I signed up for an account at Second Life last semester, when I read in a scholarly article that Harvard University has hosting a "classroom" in Second Life for law students. It immediately peaked my interest. It was amazing to imagine the possibilities that a virtual classroom could have, especially one set up in Second Life, where people can interact with one another in a lifelike setting. Although I never got to see the Harvard classroom, I saw the appeal Second Life could have on people.
How many times have we been offered the opportunity to live a different life than what we are having right now? Did anybody envision that this new technology could offer us the chance to become someone else? Regardless of how we live right now, nonwithstanding the fact that we might live the best life we could ever live, I bet everyone have, at some point in their lives questioned themselves: If I had turned my life in a different direction, what would have become of me? Second Life, as its name implies, takes a shot at the question that has been in everyone's mind.
In my opinion, Second Life has integrated both the concepts of virtual reality and social networking, which is, I think, almost intuitive. It is a virtual world where you can meet other people, sort of like "the sims" integrated with "MySpace".
The marvel of this possibility is the ample range of opportunities this offers. you have a huge amount of landscape available where you can interact with other people in the closest simulation to real life available. Hyperbolaes aside, the possibilities are endless.

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