Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thing 8: Information Sharing

For this thing, I used FlexList to create a database of my favorite books (shown at the bottom). I Just included a few for this exercise, but I will updated in subsequent posts.
Online database creation is a wonderful tool to share information with others through the web. This database in particular was very easy to use and had all the features one needs to create a database that one can share with others.
It occurs to me that one of the ways a library can use this tool would be to have a public space where librariand can build databases of books related by subject, author or genre, similar to those "If you like... you should check..." pamphlets that some libraries still publish.
The only drawback to this tool would be what would happen to the information contained in these databases should the company providing the service go out of business. Would this information be lost?, would the user be notified? Another councern would be security. It would be very risky to post sensitive information on a site like this.
If you want to share information with a lot of people in a structured manner, this is definitely the way to go.

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