Monday, October 12, 2009

Thing 23: Final thoughts

xI feel relieved to finally getting to the end of this program, I must confess that it was rather hard to keep up. A lot of the tools I had not used or even heard of.
Even though I am relieved to finish, I am also glad for the experience. There were so many tools that I enjoyed trying for the first time, like RSS feeds, tagging, LibraryThing, and blogging. I had never made and kept a blog, and I see the utility of it. i definitely will keep utilizing these tools for my benefit.
There were other tools that I had used before and had actually become familiar with, like podcasts, YouTube and Facebook. Even if I already knew about these applications this program helped me to realize that they are part of the Web 2.0.
One particularly enjoyable experience was to be able to keep up with my classmates' progress by subscribing to their own 23 things blogs. It was very interesting to see how their experience differed from mine, how the same tool shows to be more or less useful or preferred by different people. It made me realize that, even if all of us look at the same Internet, each one of us use it for different things, this is a testament to the vastness and variety of the Internet and the Web 2.0 environment.
This experience has been so rich that it would be impossible for me to describe it in one word. I find it tough enough to describe it in a sentence. If I had to describe my learning experience it would be "learning Web 2.0 systematically"
'Til next time, dudes!

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